Tune Up Services for Steilacoom Cars, Trucks and RV's


Want your car, truck, or RV to be maintained in top condition? Wish to derive maximum driving pleasure from your Chevy, Ford, Toyota, or Dodge? Make sure that you do not neglect getting your vehicle tuned up at the manufacturer-recommended intervals.

You should also watch out for signs that indicate that you are due for RV, truck, or car tune up service. These symptoms include:

  • Engine making strange sounds, like knocking
  • Reduced gas mileage
  • Loss of power/torque in the vehicle

Evergreen Automotive is the place to visit if you are looking for meticulous and thorough truck, RV, or car tune up services in the Steilacoom, WA area. We can work on vehicles of almost all types, ages, makes, and models. Our technicians work diligently to ensure that all vehicles that come to our facility are tuned up to perfection.

Routine Car Maintenance Extends the Life of Steilacoom Vehicles


The functioning of a vehicle depends on a multitude of components working in tandem. These auto systems and parts operate in extreme conditions that take a toll on them. Regular car maintenance in any Steilacoom vehicle is necessary to inspect the wear and tear of different automotive components.

Doing so ensures that any automotive issue is detected before it becomes a major problem. Routine car maintenance service allows Steilacoom vehicle owners to get the worn/damaged auto parts repaired or replaced before any harm is done.

You must come to our facility to get car maintenance and car tune up done when it is recommended by the manufacturer if you want your Chevy, Ford, Toyota, or Dodge to have:

  • Excellent roadworthiness
  • Optimal fuel efficiency
  • Smoother, safer, hassle-free, reliable drivability
  • Extended life

Why Choose Us When You Need a Car Tune Up in Steilacoom?


We entered the automotive industry as an electrical repair specialist in 1976 and gradually grew into a full-service auto repair shop. Along the way, our focus has always been on serving our customers in the most sincere, efficient, professional, and friendly manner.

No wonder we are one of the most trusted sources for car maintenance and car tune up services in the Steilacoom area. Vehicle owners who choose us when they need a car tune up know that they can count on us for:

  • Quick and convenient job scheduling
  • Competitive prices
  • Flawless work
  • Great customer service
  • Helpful car maintenance tips

Bring your Chevy, Ford, Toyota, or Dodge to Evergreen Automotive for the finest truck and car tune up services available in the Steilacoom area. Call 253-954-1809 to schedule a visit.