Tune Up Services for Edgewood Cars, Trucks and RV's


Need car tune up services in the Edgewood, WA area but don't want to settle for anything sub-par? Visit Evergreen Automotive, the best place around to come for tuning of:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • RVs

We offer car tune up services for vehicles of most popular makes, including Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Dodge and others. Regardless of the age, size and value of the vehicle that comes into our automotive repair shop, we make sure it is tuned up in the most efficient and professional manner.

Those who come to us for car tune up on their Edgewood vehicle trust us with the protection of their important investment. We appreciate this and respect their faith in us by providing exceptionally meticulous services.

Routine Car Maintenance Extends the Life of Edgewood Vehicles


Routine tune-ups and adjustments are critical car maintenance requirements. You cannot take your Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Dodge - or any other vehicle for that matter - for granted. Bring your ride to our facility regularly to service its key systems at manufacturer-recommended intervals.

Strictly following the car maintenance schedule for your Edgewood vehicle not only extends its life, performance and reliability, but also:

  • Saves you money on fuel costs
  • Enhances your driving and traveling pleasure
  • Minimizes the environmental impact of your vehicle

Quality is the hallmark of all that we do and our car maintenance services are no exception. Our mechanics do an extremely thorough job and their car tune up checklist includes preventive as well as restorative work.

Why Choose Us When You Need a Car Tune Up in Edgewood?


Timely tune-ups can go a long way in keeping your Chevy, Ford, Toyota or Dodge running at its best. However, that only happens when you get these done at the right facility that puts truly knowledgeable, capable and diligent mechanics on the job. You should choose us when your car needs to be tuned up!

We assure all vehicle owners who come to us for car tune up in Edgewood of:

  • Prompt and convenient scheduling of the job
  • Fast job completion, without cutting corners
  • Affordable car maintenance costs

We also extend personalized attention to our customers and keep them in the loop throughout the job. Whether they want to ask What is included in a tune up? or What would the car maintenance costs be?Ó or something else, we give quick, clear and honest answers.

Rely on Evergreen Automotive for car maintenance services that keep your Edgewood vehicle in top condition. Call us at 253-954-1809.