Transmission Repair Shop for Lakewood - Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Honda


Established in 1976, Evergreen Automotive, which deals in Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Honda, is one of the leading transmission repair shops in the Lakewood, WA area. Starting out as a repair shop, it is one of the best transmission repair and transmission service providers in the Lakewood area. Trained technicians take care of the services and apart from general transmission services and rebuilt transmissions, they offer:

  • Repair of electrical components
  • Air conditioning
  • Braking systems
  • Timing and belt repair
  • Transmission repair in the Lakewood area and replacements
  • Rebuilt transmissions

You can trust us to provide your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Honda or any other beauty with the best treatment and service for transmission repair in the Lakewood area.

Rebuilt Transmissions for Lakewood Vehicles


Our team of professionally trained technicians not only provides transmission repair and service but also provides rebuilt transmissions in the Lakewood area. When you hand in your Ford, Chevy, Dodge or Honda for rebuilt transmissions, you are putting it in trusted hands.

Transmission repair seems like a lucrative option because the money investment is low compared to rebuilding the transmission. But, in the long run, it is better to invest one time in rebuilt transmissions in the Lakewood area than to constantly get your transmission repaired. It will save you time as well as money.

    • Rebuilt transmissions save money in the long run
    • Rebuilt transmissions provide more stability
    • Rebuilt transmissions built at cost effective prices

Why Should Lakewood Residents Choose Us for Transmission Service?


Evergreen Automotive in the Lakewood area has a technically sound staff and they provide general transmission service, transmission repairs and rebuilt transmissions for your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Honda or any other make or model. The transmission services provided are billed under a totally transparent process and a precise estimate is provided beforehand to prevent any surprise when the actual bill for transmission services in the Lakewood area arrives.

More reasons to choose us:

        • Well trained staff to take care of your vehicle
        • Estimate is provided before repairing the vehicle
        • Choose between transmission service, transmission repair or rebuilt transmissions
        • One of the best in in the Lakewood area
        • Attend to Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Honda or any other vehicle irrespective of the make and model.
        • Provides rebuilt transmissions with perfection

Evergreen Automotive is a transmission repair shop serving the Lakewood area with transmission service, maintenance, repairs and rebuilt transmissions. Our experience in the industry and the name speaks for itself. For a free visit and more information, call us at 253-954-1809 today!