Transmission Repair Shop for Kent - Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Honda


All vehicle owners in Kent, WA know that transmissions are critically important automotive components. Therefore, they realize that the transmission service and transmission repair that is occasionally required must be got only from a reputable and reliable transmission repair facility like Evergreen Automotive.

Specializing in transmissions of all makes/models of cars such as Ford, Dodge, Honda, and others, we are:

  • An easily accessible transmission repair shop
  • Proven transmission repair experts with a long history of quality services
  • Fully equipped with the latest in transmission repair technologies
  • Staffed by accomplished transmission repair technicians
  • Known for integrity and professionalism in transmission repair

The residents of Kent who entrust their transmission repair needs to us can look forward to seamless repairs and a thoroughly satisfying transmission repair service experience.

Rebuilt Transmissions for Kent Vehicles


When vehicle transmissions are too far gone and start breaking down often, it is better for Kent vehicle owners to forego transmission repair and go in for rebuilt transmissions. We offer expertly rebuilt transmissions that are very efficient and reliable. Moreover, our rebuilt transmissions save customers from the hassle and expense of getting transmission repair services time and again.

The Kent residents who come to us for rebuilt transmissions can expect to receive products that meet the highest standards of quality. We assure them of:

  • Rebuilt transmissions made to factory specifications
  • Rebuilt transmissions made to suit specific driving needs
  • Rebuilt transmissions made with the finest replacement parts
  • Rebuilt transmissions made to perform well
  • Rebuilt transmissions made to last

Kent residents are sure to find our rebuilt transmissions an excellent and cost-effective alternative to new transmissions.

Why Should Kent Residents Choose Us for Transmission Service?


Kent residents can restrict their transmission problems by getting transmission service regularly. However, along with regularity in transmission service, another important thing is getting the transmission service from knowledgeable and diligent technicians.

We are happy to provide Kent vehicle owners with the quality transmission service they are looking for. They can count on us for:

  • Fast, but properly delivered transmission service
  • The use of quality fluids and other materials during transmission service
  • A meticulous attention to all big/small transmission service jobs
  • Fair-priced transmission service

We assure our Kent customers of excellent transmission service that keeps their transmissions and vehicles in great condition, and helps bring ease and comfort into their lives.

Look no further than Evergreen Automotive for transmission repair, transmission service and rebuilt transmissions for Kent vehicles.Call (253) 954-1809.