Transmission Repair Shop for Federal Way - Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Honda


No vehicle owner in Federal Way, WA would want to face transmission trouble. However, every vehicle needs regular transmission service and occasional transmission repair, be ita Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge or any other make.

With Evergreen Automotive here to help, transmission repair and maintenance should not be a cause for worry for Federal Way residents.Our full service auto repair facility specializes in transmission repair and transmission service. We also offer rebuilt transmissions that work like new.

Vehicle owners in Federal Way can rely on us for quality, yet fast and economical transmission repair and transmission service. We strive to end our customers’ transmission woes with:

  • The quick scheduling of transmission repair or transmission service
  • A dedicated attention to detail
  • Use of high grade parts

Federal Way motorists can make sure their ride is receiving the quality transmission repair and transmission service it deserves by getting these jobs done by us.

Rebuilt Transmissions for Federal Way Vehicles


We pride ourselves on our integrity and believe in fixing only what truly should be fixed. Our rebuilt transmissions involve replacing only those parts that need replacement. These honestly rebuilt transmissions protect our integrity and also our Federal Way customers’ wallet.

We do make sure that the economy in rebuilt transmissions does not come at the cost of quality. Federal Way residents can rely on the rebuilt transmissions crafted by us for years of efficient performance. We fit their vehicles with:

  • Rebuilt transmissions that allow easy gear change
  • Rebuilt transmissions that improve fuel efficiency
  • Rebuilt transmissions that ensure a smooth and hassle-free drive

Federal Way vehicle owners will find our rebuilt transmissions wonderful, affordable solutions to their frequent transmission repair needs.

Why Should Federal Way Residents Choose Us for Transmission Service?


Our steadfast commitment to excellence shows in every job we do for our Federal Way customers. Whether we perform a simple transmission service, conduct a complex transmission repair or create intricate rebuilt transmissions, we do it with the same sincerity and passion for precision.

To ensure premium quality in transmission service and transmission repair, we maintain cutting-edge diagnostic and repair technologies and employ only such technicians who are:

  • Trained in carrying out transmission service and transmission repair
  • Highly experienced in handling transmission service and repair in all types of vehicles
  • Focused on completing flawless transmission service and transmission repair

Trust Evergreen Automotive for all your needs for rebuilt transmissions, and transmission service or transmission repair for your Federal Way vehicle. Call (253) 954-1809!