Transmission Repair Shop for Des Moines - Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Honda


Experiencing problems with your vehicle’s transmission system? Come to Evergreen Automotive. We are a transmission service and transmission repair expert that helps the residents of Des Moines, WA maintain fine transmissions in their vehicles. We also offer rebuilt transmissions for Des Moines vehicles whose transmissions are too far gone.

We perform transmission repair and transmission service for vehicles of any make/model, be it a Ford, Honda, Dodge, Chevy or any other. Our transmission repair and maintenance expertise extends to classic cars as well.

Our transmission service and transmission repair technicians are committed to ensuring that Des Moines residents who come to us with transmission troubles leaves our facility with an:

  • Excellent transmission system
  • Efficient vehicle
  • Complete peace of mind

All these come naturally from our warm and friendly attitude and honest transmission service and transmission repair that is delivered with the utmost care.

Rebuilt Transmissions for Des Moines Vehicles


We are reputed for ethical services. We never carry out any transmission service and transmission repair, or recommend rebuilt transmissions unless it is absolutely necessary.

While offering rebuilt transmissions, we make sure that Des Moines residents who invest in our rebuilt transmissions get full value for their hard-earned money. The rebuilt transmissions are made by our qualified, trained and experienced technicians with meticulous attention to detail, using top grade parts. We serve our Des Moines customers with:

  • Powerful rebuilt transmissions
  • Dependable rebuilt transmissions
  • Long-lasting rebuilt transmissions

Our auto shop is as focused on affordability of services as it is on their quality. Therefore, just like the transmission service and transmission repair work done by us, our rebuilt transmissions for Des Moines vehicles are also priced economically.

Why Should Des Moines Residents Choose Us for Transmission Service?


We can handle any simple or complex transmission job that comes our way from Des Moines. From a routine transmission service to specialized transmission repair, we do it all to match the highest levels of excellence. At our auto shop, we consider customers as our biggest assets and work hard to keep them happy.

Des Moines residents who choose us for transmission service and transmission repair are sure to receive services that offer the best in:

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Value

No wonder we are the auto repair facility of choice for Des Moines vehicle owners in need of transmission service, transmission repair or rebuilt transmissions.

Des Moines residents can call (253) 954-1809 for more information about transmission service, transmission repair and rebuilt transmissions offered by Evergreen Automotive.