Rebuilt Engines for Parkland - Ford, Chevy, Honda, Dodge, Toyota


With age, your engine loses its performance ability. Some of the signs that your engine needs a professional look include:

  • Decreased acceleration
  • Reduced mileage
  • Frequent repairs

Many vehicle owners choose to rebuild engines to save money on engine replacement. Properly rebuilt engines can increase acceleration, fuel mileage and performance.

At Evergreen Automotive, we have helped many vehicle owners with rebuilt engines in the Parkland, WA area. We have rebuilt engines in vehicles of all brands, including Ford, Chevy, Honda, Dodge and Toyota. Our rebuilt engines are guaranteed to work like new again.

Engine Repair Services for Parkland Vehicles


Is your Check Engine light on? Some potential causes include:

  • Loose gas cap
  • Faulty oxygen sensors
  • Blown gasket head
  • Cracked hoses

Bring your vehicle to our shop for a thorough diagnosis. We have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who can handle your engine repair needs in Parkland.

Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, we can get the engine repair job done to the highest quality standards. Using state-of-the-art tools and equipment, we perform safe and efficient engine repair on Parkland vehicles.

Our auto repair shop takes the time to assess your vehicle and discuss the findings with you, so you are fully informed with the engine repair services we provide. Whether your engine needs a simple belt replacement or a complex engine rebuilt, we have got your engine repair needs covered.

Engine Replacement Services for Parkland Cars & Trucks


The engine is at the heart of your vehicle. Although it is reliable for some time, an engine is vulnerable to damage. When an engine breakdown occurs, do not stress. Bring your vehicle to us for an engine replacement.

We provide professional engine replacement services for cars and trucks. Engine replacement is a great option for engines that require huge repair. It is also great for obtaining more power and making an older vehicle more reliable for everyday.

Engine replacement is also less costly than purchasing a new vehicle. Our professionals are ready and willing to help you with your engine replacements needs in Parkland.

A few reasons to choose us for car or truck engine replacement include our:

  • Commitment to any job, no matter how large or complex
  • Treatment of your vehicle like our own
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Customer service record

To find out how we help our clients with rebuilt engines in their Parkland vehicles, feel free to call the pros at Evergreen Automotive at (253) 954-1809 today.