Rebuilt Engines for Edgewood - Ford, Chevy, Honda, Dodge, Toyota


Everyday wear and tear can cause a vehicle’s engine to lose its performance capabilities. Here are the signs that indicate it is time to have a professional inspect your engine:

  • Fuel mileage is reduced
  • Dropped acceleration
  • Frequent need for engine repair

Many people consider rebuilding their engines to save engine replacement costs. If properly done, rebuilt engines are a great way to improve acceleration, mileage as well as vehicle’s performance. Rebuilt engines actually work just like new engines.

Evergreen Automotive specializes in helping clients rebuilt engines in their Edgewood, WA vehicles. We have plenty of automotive experience, and over the years, we have rebuilt engines for vehicles of all manufacturers, such as Ford, Chevy, Honda, Dodge, and Toyota.

Engine Repair Services for Edgewood Vehicles


If your check engine light on, it could be indicating various potential problems with your vehicle, such as:

  • Loose gas cap
  • Oxygen sensor failure
  • Spark plug problems
  • Vacuum leak(s)

Come to us for a thorough vehicle inspection. Our technicians have the training and diagnostic equipment to identify and fix the problem with your vehicle.

We take great pride in providing fast, affordable engine repair services to clients in Edgewood. No matter what brand your vehicle is, we are your right choice for engine repair in the Edgewood area.

We believe that an informed client is a happy client. That is why we thoroughly discuss our diagnosis with our clients and present our clients all of their engine repair options.

Whether you need a minor engine tune up, or a major engine rebuild, we are ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

Engine Replacement Services for Edgewood Cars & Trucks


All vehicle engines are susceptible to damage. When your car or truck engine decides to break down, do not fret. We provide a quick, efficient engine replacement.

If your engine requires a major, costly repair, an engine replacement is often the best option. Engine replacement is also a fantastic way for to improve power and reliability in an older vehicle.

We have the experience and resources to help you with your engine replacements needs in Edgewood. Below are the benefits of choosing us over other engine replacement shops:

  • No job too big or small
  • Great customer service
  • Competitive pricing

For more information on how we help our clients rebuilt engines in their Edgewood vehicles, call Evergreen Automotive at (253) 954-1809.