Rebuilt Engines for Auburn - Ford, Chevy, Honda, Dodge, Toyota


Automotive engines lose their capabilities as they age. Vehicle owners should start thinking about a visit to the facility for engine repair or engine replacement when they start experiencing issues such as acceleration drops, horsepower loss, lower mileage, etc.

Get in touch with Evergreen Automotive if the engine of your vehicle has outlasted its life and getting a new vehicle is not really affordable for you right now. We rebuilt engines in the Auburn, WA area offering a cost-effective alternative to engine replacement.

Rebuilding an engine cost half of the cost to replace the engine with a new one and makes virtually the same improvements in the efficiency of the vehicle. These remanufactured engines are made by:

  • Pulling apart the old engines
  • Thoroughly cleaning all the components
  • Replacing the worn-out parts with new ones
  • Putting in new gaskets and seals

We offer rebuilt engines for Auburn vehicles of almost all makes and models, including Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Dodge, and Honda.

Engine Repair Services for Auburn Vehicles


There are a number of engine problems that can be resolved by quality repairs. While we recommend regular preventive maintenance servicing as the best way to ensure a long-lasting engine in your vehicle when you do need engine repair services to fix issues that may crop up we are the company to call.

We pride ourselves a customer-friendly facility that is committed to watching out for your best interests. Our technicians have strong work ethics, professional attitudes, and excellent customer service skills for our Auburn.

Our facility is equipped to handle car engine repair jobs for most makes and models. The engine repair services commonly offered by us include:

  • Engine diagnostics and sensor repair
  • Exhaust and catalytic converter repair
  • Hose and seal replacement
  • Ignition coils

Engine Replacement Services for Auburn Cars & Trucks


When an engine replacement is your choice, the replacement engines we offer are installed in the same professional manner as a rebuilt engine. At our facility, we offer car and truck engine replacement services for Auburn residents. We want our customers to enjoy optimal driving power and efficiency from their vehicles. We are here to make that happen by:

  • Using top-quality products
  • By seasoned mechanics
  • With utmost diligence

Want an honest estimate of rebuilt or remanufactured engine prices? Have to schedule an engine repair or replacement job for your Auburn vehicle? Call Evergreen Automotive at (253) 954-1809.