Get the Best Differential Repair Services in the University Place Area


There are serious consequences to ignoring the warnings associated with needed differential and transfer case service.

We are one of the best and most experienced differential repair and differential rebuild shops in the University Place area.

If you are hearing any of the following noises that are symptomatic of differential problems that could result in eventual differential rebuild, we recommend bringing your vehicle into our repair shop immediately:

  • Persistent clunking sound
  • Banging or skipping when cornering
  • Whining or rumbling at speeds greater than 15 mph

Stop by for a free inspection.  We can also schedule your car or truck for differential and transfer case service to avoid serious damage, and to keep the gears cool and turning smoothly.

We Offer Differential Rebuild Service for University Place Cars and Trucks


We highly recommend differential and transfer case services to keep your vehicle running smoothly, and to reduce the potential for costly differential rebuild.

In view the large amount of work by differentials they do require timely fluid replacement to keep the gears cool and operating smoothly.  In the absence of timely maintenance, there is the potential for eventual differential repair.

If you car or truck has been damaged in an accident or has developed normal wear and tear problems our experienced mechanic can inspect your vehicle’s differential to look for signs indicating a need for either differential repair or rebuild.

Timely differential and transfer case services provide:

  • Reduced potential for major vehicle breakdown and unsafe driving conditions
  • Avoidance of expensive damage to other components such as the transmission
  • Improved vehicle maneuverability and stability

Call or stop by for a diagnosis of your car or truck at one of the best differential rebuilding and repair service shops serving University Place residents.

Why University Place Drivers Choose Us for Differential and Transfer Case Service


Your car or truck cannot function without a differential so it is important to respond immediately to unusual or strange noises from your vehicle to avoid a differential rebuild.

It is not unusual for differential malfunction to occur over time with excessive wear.  When that does occur, differential repair services are warranted for restoration of maneuverability and stability of your car or truck. 

And if your vehicle is unable to change gears we recommend scheduling transfer case service at our repair shop serving residents of University Place.

These are reasons we are chosen for differential repair, differential rebuild, and transfer case maintenance services:

  • Free inspection and accurate estimate for all costs
  • Precision diagnostic services by experienced mechanics
  • Commitment to honesty
  • Provision for emergency vehicle towing

Call Evergreen Automotive today to schedule your vehicle for differential and transfer case maintenance services of most major makes and models.  253-954-1809