Get the Best Differential Repair Services in the Sumner Area


As a one-stop auto repair shop with a team of fully-trained mechanics for all types of auto repairs, we recommend regular differential maintenance and transfer case service to avoid potentially serious damage.

Differential repair services that include fluid change can help avoid premature wear on the gears in the differential that could lead to eventual rear differential rebuild.

Our transfer case service that includes replacing lubricating fluid in the transfer case of four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles helps keep the gears cool and turning smoothly to help prevent premature wear and damage.

These are several reasons to call us for professional differential rebuild or repair services in the Sumner area:

  • Our precision diagnostic service by differential experts
  • Determining if your differentials actually need rebuilding
  • Ability to restore vehicle maneuverability and stability

If you are receiving warning signals, such as skipping when cornering or persistent clunking sounds, bring your vehicle in without delay to avoid the likelihood of major vehicle breakdown.

We Offer Differential Rebuild Service for Sumner Cars and Trucks


One of the reasons we recommend regular differential and transfer case service is to avoid the potential for differential rebuild service.

Differential repair for either front or rear differential is not easy because there may be underlying issues in a differential malfunction requiring highly technical skills and specialized equipment commonly used in our repair shop.

We want to help avoid road hazards by recommending timely transfer case service and differential repair to:

  • Improve the maneuverability and stability of your vehicle
  • Help in preventing major vehicle breakdown
  • Restore sufficient power to the wheels

We are the auto repair shop of choice for residents of the Sumner area because we are genuinely concerned about the safety of our customers, and we have the technical skills to keep your vehicle operating as peak performance.  Call us today!

Why Sumner Drivers Choose Us for Differential and Transfer Case Service


We are the one-stop shop that Sumner drivers turn to for fair and honest services including differential repair, differential rebuild and transfer case service.

If you are hearing unusual or strange noises coming from your car or truck that is an indication that your differentials may be failing, requiring differential diagnostics and possible differential repair.

Ignoring those symptoms could lead to a differential rebuild at a greater cost than repair services. 

These are some of the reasons why local drivers choose us for differential and transfer case maintenance and repair services:

  • Precision diagnostic services by experienced mechanics and technicians
  • Accurate estimate for all costs
  • Commitment to open communication and honesty
  • Emergency vehicle towing

Call Evergreen Automotive to schedule a free vehicle inspection.  We are the experts!