Get the Best Differential Repair Services in the Lakewood Area


For many vehicle owners who travel long distances in Lakewood, WA, differential repair and differential rebuild are effective auto repair services. Differential repair, which keeps differentials within stipulated factory tolerance is crucial to maintain your vehicle in Lakewood.

For effective differential repair and transfer case service in the Lakewood area, call Evergreen Automotive. We have been in the business of auto repair since 1976 and have been delivering quality differential repair and differential rebuild service since then. Our Lakewood area auto repair specialists:

  • Are dedicated to delivering correct differential repair
  • Use advanced techniques for differential repair
  • Are well-equipped for precise differential repair a
  • Are aware of differential repair complexity
  • Provide differential repair for all types of cars

We Offer Differential Rebuild Service for Lakewood Cars and Trucks


Differential rebuild is as vital as differential repair. Keeping the differentials of your car in good shape, differential rebuild helps you maintain your vehicle. Whether you own a BMW, Toyota, Honda, or Lexus, differential rebuild and differential repair enable you to drive a safe car in Lakewood. Moreover, differential rebuild helps you with the following:

  • Differential rebuild increases mileage
  • Differential rebuild prevents automobile hazards
  • Differential rebuild enhances the life of your vehicle
  • Differential rebuild fixes differential problems
  • Differential rebuild improves the performance of gears and the clutch

Being dependable auto repair experts in the Lakewood area, we assist you in maintaining your vehicle. Besides performing differential rebuild, wecheck for leaks and damage to ensure all parts of your vehicle operate perfectly in Lakewood.

Why Lakewood Drivers Choose Us for Differential and Transfer Case Service


Your vehicle is a valuable asset and to keep it in good shape, getting periodic transfer case service is vital. The transfer case, an important component of your vehicle,must function properly for the proper performance of your Lakewood vehicle. Transfer case service provides much-needed lubrication to the transfer case, augmenting its functioning.

Being a vehicle owner in Lakewood, whether you need differential repair or transfer case service for your automobile, count on us. Before beginning with the repair of your Lakewood vehicle, we inspect it to get in-depth knowledge of the problem areas of your car, providing correct transfer case service. Choosing us for transfer case service in the Lakewood area, you can expect:

  • Cost-efficient transfer case service
  • Immediate transfer case service
  • Effective transfer case service
  • High-quality transfer case service
  • Professional transfer case service

To know more about our transfer case service, Lakewood residents can call Evergreen Automotive at 253-954-1809.