Get the Best Differential Repair Services in the Kent Area


When you own a vehicle,you opt for differential repair to maintain its performance. Differential repair is a complex job as it requires expertise to ensure the correct functioning of wheels and axle. Therefore, seek a reliable auto repair shop in the Kent, WA area to expect quality differential repair and differential rebuild.

Evergreen Automotive is a trusted auto repair shop operating in the Kent area.We offer numerous auto repair services like transfer case service, differential rebuild, brake system maintenance and differential repair. Understanding the necessity of precise differential repair to improve the performance of a vehicle in Kent, we offer:

  • Correct differential repair
  • Advanced techniques for differential repair
  • Experienced staff for differential repair
  • Complete differential repair
  • Professional differential repair

We Offer Differential Rebuild Service for Kent Cars and Trucks


When your vehiclestake you to distant places in Kent, be sure to keep them in good condition. Differential rebuild and transfer case service is an efficient way of ensuring the best performance of your Kent vehicle. Regularly check your car to find if it requires a differential rebuild. Some of the benefits of a differential rebuild include:

  • Differential rebuild maintainsthe good condition of the clutch and gears
  • Differential rebuild helps improve mileage
  • Differential rebuild increases the life of your vehicle
  • Differential rebuild prevents the vehicle’sparts from wearing-off
  • Periodic differential rebuild enhances the performance of the automobile

Offering differential rebuild service for your Kent trucks and cars, our auto specialists make sure to check every part of your automobile. Besides changing the fluid, if differential rebuild requires identifying signs of wear, we perform that too for our Kent clients.

Why Kent Drivers Choose Us for Differential and Transfer Case Service


Transfer case service isan inevitable part of auto repair. While transfer case service might be unknown to many, getting one is necessary when you own 4-wheel drive vehicle in Kent. To ensure that power is available for the front and rear axlesof your car, make certain to get transfer case servicefor your Kent vehicle.

If you are looking for differential repair or transfer case service in Kent, feel free to approach us. We aretrusted auto repairspecialists for Kent and vehicle ownerscan choose us for transfer case service to receive the following:

  • Complete transfer case service
  • Affordable transfer case service
  • Effective transfer case service
  • Immediate transfer case service
  • Excellenttransfer case service

To know more aboutdifferential repair, residents of Kent can call Evergreen Automotive at 253-954-1809.