Get the Best Differential Repair Services in the Edgewood Area


Differential repair, transfer case service, and differential rebuild is necessary to keep youvehicle working in perfect condition. Over time, the fluid in the differential box can wear out, which makes it important to undertake differential rebuild, differential repair and transfer case service. Edgewood, WA residents are well versed in the importance of transfer case service, differential repair and differential rebuild services.

Weat Evergreen Automotive providereliable transfer case service along with differential repair and differential rebuilt services to our Edgewood clients. Services offered by our experts for Edgewood include:

  • Differential rebuild
  • Differential repair
  • Transfer case service
  • Installation of pinion gear sets
  • Spools

We Offer Differential Rebuild Service for Edgewood Cars and Trucks


Vehicles which are used regularly on the rough terrains of Edgewood will require maintenance services to keep them in their best shape. The fast spinning gears of the vehicle should be lubricated regularly to avoid functional failures. This is when differential rebuild, differential repair, and transfer case service can help the Edgewood automobile owner.

The experienced auto specialistsof our company serve Edgewood residents with dependable transfer case service and differential repair. Edgewood residents can get various benefits from ourtransfer case service. Some of them are:

  • Differential repair can help to lubricate the car parts
  • Differential repair can help to increase the life of the car’s tires
  • Differential repair can decrease unnecessarywear and tear

Why Edgewood Drivers Choose Us for Differential and Transfer Case Service


For differential rebuild and differential repair, we have knowledge and equipment for Edgewood cars and trucks. With the right tools and years of experience, it becomes easy for our experts serving the Edgewood region to offer differential repair, differential rebuild, and transfercase service.

Thanks to our differential repair and transfer case service experts, Edgewood residents can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Safe cruising
  • Overhauls
  • Front differential services
  • Differential rebuild

So if you require differential repair, differential rebuild or transfer case service, Evergreen Automotive is your one-stop solution. Our professionals will provide you with competitive quotes for upgrading your vehicle. Edgewood residents can rely on us for upgrading their automobile.

Edgewood residents can call 253-954-1809 and our staff will be happy to assist you with differential rebuild and transfer case service. Call us today and get some of the best service in the area. We know car repair and perform each job with the highest level of professionalism in the industry.