Clutch Replacement Services for Sumner * Toyota, Dodge, Honda


Evergreen Automotive repair shop for clutch replacement in the Sumner region is a dependable partner for all kinds of auto repairs. You can be assured of the smooth running of your car after a clutch replacement has been done in the Sumner area by our mechanics.

Our skilled and competent mechanics will ensure your personal auto safety after finishing a clutch replacement in Sumner region. After our mechanic is done with the clutch replacement in your vehicle, he will make sure you do not face any other problems while driving your car on the roads of Sumner.

High quality work is of utmost importance to us while carrying out our repairs or clutch replacement in your vehicle. Other services of our shop, as well as clutch replacement, include:

  • Winterizing
  • Electrical diagnosis
  • 30K, 60K & 90K maintenance
  • New clutch

Clutch Repair for Sumner Vehicles * Chevy, Ford, BMW


Our auto shop has a great reputation for all kinds of repairs, especially clutch repairs in the Sumner region. The clutch repairs we do in the Sumner area will last for a long time and are very reliable. In the long run, our service of clutch repair and other operations can end up saving loads of your valuable time and money.

As we have been in the business since 1976, we have done thousands of clutch repairs in the Sumner region, giving us years of experience. Our first-rate mechanics know all the ins and outs of repairing a clutch, and a few of the various reasons why your car needs clutch repair or a new clutch are:

  • Broken clutch cable
  • Leaks in master clutch cylinder
  • Pressure build up due to leakage
  • Mismatched components of the clutch
  • Hydraulic line has air
  • Sticking of clutch

Why Choose Us for a New Clutch in Sumner?


Our auto repair shop provides mechanics that our passionate about car repair. They know when a car actually needs a new clutch in Sumner area, so bring your car to our shop and our experienced mechanics might end up telling you that you don’t actually need a new clutch in the Sumner region. The problem might be petty and could be resolved for very little money.

However, if you do need a new clutch in the Sumner area, our experienced mechanics are people you can totally trust with your vehicle. Here are some reasons why you might need a new clutch in the Sumner region:

  • Noise in bearings
  • Gears slipping
  • Decline in mileage

To reach Evergreen Automotive, call 253-954-1809 today. Our one stop auto shop offers some of the best clutch repair, clutch replacement, and new clutch installation services in Sumner area.