Clutch Replacement Services for Steilacoom * Toyota, Dodge, Honda


Have you been looking for a clutch replacement in the Steilacoom region? You can stop searching now because Evergreen Automotive is one of the finest services of clutch replacement in the Steilacoom area. Be it your Toyota, Dodge or Honda, we can handle them all!

Starting back in 1976, we evolved from an electrical repair shop to becoming one of the best auto repair shops for clutch replacements for Steilacoom residents. Our one stop shop provides the following services as well as clutch replacements:

  • Transmission, brake and engine repair and maintenance service
  • New clutch
  • General tune-up services and change of oil

Our mechanics provide clutch replacement and extensive solutions for all top cars and RV's. Our auto repair shop is a trusted name for clutch replacements and other auto services in the Steilacoom area.

Clutch Repair for Steilacoom Vehicles * Chevy, Ford, BMW


Our team of mechanics are some of the most trained and experienced experts for clutch repairs in the Steilacoom region. We always give your car a free inspection before we start any kind of repair. You will be informed if your vehicle needs a brand new clutch, or if a clutch repair would suffice.

You will be made aware of the types of repairs we will carry out, as well as informed of the costs associated with them. Before any repair or clutch repair in the Steilacoom region, we will give you an accurate and exact estimate.

Modern cars have transmissions that are complex to understand, therefore the wise thing to do is get clutch repairs from an auto repair shop with a reputable name in the Steilacoom area. Our services also include:

  • All general services for top cars
  • Services for transmissions and emissions
  • Maintenance of air-conditioning systems

Why Choose Us for a New Clutch in Steilacoom?


Does your Honda, Dodge, or Toyota require a new clutch in the Steilacoom region? Our advanced equipment and technology can install a new clutch in the Steilacoom area to perfection. We have loads of clients who are 100% satisfied with the services we provide, and with our methods of installing a new clutch.

We have a strong customer base in the Steilacoom region due to our sincerity and honesty. Barring installation of new clutch, we also deal in:

  • Repair and maintenance of brakes
  • Diagnosis and repair of electrical systems
  • Prices of new parts are lower than market price

Call 253-954-1809 today and get your free consultation. Employ our experienced mechanics for installing a new clutch, clutch repair or clutch replacement in the Steilacoom area.