Clutch Replacement Services for Fife * Toyota, Dodge, Honda


Established in 1976, Evergreen Automotive in the Fife, WA area was an electrical repair shop back then. But today it happens to be a full-fledged auto repair and maintenance shop in the Fife area.

We provide clutch repair and clutch replacement Fife area service. Is your Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Acura or any other vehicle irrespective of the make and model giving you transmission troubles? Drive into our shop in the Fife area and get it checked out.

We at Evergreen Automotive provide a whole range of services:

  • Clutch repair
  • New clutch and clutch replacement in the Fife area
  • Engine and transmission services
  • General auto tune up for you Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Acura and others
  • Install and repair AC's
  • Braking system repair and maintenance
  • General check-up and oil change services

When you drive into Evergreen Automotive in the Fife area, you are driving in your Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Acura and other make and models into years’ worth of experience and trust. We guarantee to provide you with an amazing experience and satisfactory service.

Clutch Repair for Fife Vehicles * Chevy, Ford, BMW


The cost of a clutch job varies with the amount of work put in. A clutch repair in the Fife area is always cheaper than a clutch replacement or a new clutch, but our expert team will help you analyze and decide whether to go for a new clutch replacement or clutch repair in the Fife area.

Several factors are taken into account when deciding about clutch repair in the Fife area, which include:

  • Age of the vehicle
  • Previous transmission jobs
  • Amount of damage
  • Number of miles driven over time

Bring in your Toyota, Dodge, Honda, or Acura to find out whether your drive needs a clutch repair in the Fife area or to opt for clutch replacement and get yourself a new clutch.

Why Choose Us for a New Clutch in Fife?


We are the leading providers of a new clutch in the Fife area, clutch replacement and clutch repairs. Having been in the business for years, we are a leading service provider for all your Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Acura and other vehicle new clutch and clutch repair related problems. Apart from a new clutch in the Fife area and clutch repairs, we also provide general services and maintenance for your vehicles.

We give you several reasons to give us a try:

  • We work with experts from the industry
  • Trained staff working to get the best results
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Use of the latest machinery and methods

Evergreen Automotive is a clutch replacement shop serving the Fife area with services for clutch repair and new clutch replacement for most makes and models. Call 253-954-1809 today!