Clutch Replacement Services for Federal Way * Toyota, Dodge, Honda


Are you in need of a new clutch replacement in Federal Way? Well, bring your Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Acura, etc. on down to Evergreen Automotive for the best car repair, maintenance and auto part replacement services! We have been in the business since 1976. Starting out as an electrical repair shop, we have grown to become a full-fledged auto repair and maintenance shop for cars.

Our services include:

  • Diagnosis and repair for electrical systems in automobiles and RVs
  • Installation and repair of air-conditioning systems
  • Engine, brake and transmission repair and maintenance services
  • Emission and transmission services
  • General tune-up services and oil change
  • New clutches
  • Clutch repair
  • General services for all makes and models, including Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Acura, etc.

We offer a range of other comprehensive solutions for RV and Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Acura, etc. repair and maintenance. Our skill and experience make us the most trusted name when it comes to clutch repair in Federal Way and other services. We are the most trusted name when it comes to clutch repairs and maintenance in Federal Way and other cities across the state.

Clutch Repair for Tacoma and Federal Way Vehicles * Chevy, Ford, BMW


Our team of trained and experienced auto technicians provides you with the best clutch repair or clutch replacement in Federal Way for your Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Acura, etc. Before taking on the job, we will give your automobile an inspection free of charge and inform you thoroughly on what needs to be done to your car to keep it running smoothly, including whether you need a new clutch replacement or simply a clutch repair. We are always crystal clear about the process required and how much it will cost you. You can always rely on us to give you an accurate estimate every time.

We understand that your automobile is a high-value investment whether it is a Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Acura or any other make and model. Computer-operated cars have more complex transmission parts compared to non-computerized ones. Repair costs can vary according to the complexity of the problem in this part of the vehicle. Cars today have complicated transmissions which is why you should always employ reputed auto repair shops that have the technology and know-how on how to deal with various car problems.

Why Choose Us for a New Clutch in Tacoma and Federal Way?


If your Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Acura, etc. needs a new clutch, clutch repair, or clutch replacement, let us at Evergreen Automotive take care of your problem. We use the most advanced technology and methods to guarantee 100% satisfaction to all of our clients. Over the years, we have gained the trust and loyalty of automobile owners in the state.

We are located at 8411 Pacific Hwy E in Tacoma, WA 98422. Step in for a free inspection of your vehicle or call 253-954-1809 to learn more about getting a new clutch replacement or clutch repair, or make an appointment.