Check Engine Light Diagnostic Services for Kent Vehicles


When your new or used Toyota, Honda Accord, Ford, BMW, or other model vehicle needs check engine light diagnosis, be sure that you are bringing it into a reputable auto repair shop.

At Evergreen Automotive, we are here to help you with your check engine light diagnostic needs in Kent, WA.

Our technicians have comprehensive knowledge to perform check engine light diagnosis on Toyota, Honda Accord, Ford, BMW, and more.

Our technicians are factory trained so they are able to identify problems indicated by your check engine light on your Kent vehicle. Bring in your vehicle if your check engine light:

  • Turns on and off or flickers
  • Comes on and stays on
  • Blinks in a steady pattern

What Does the Service Engine Soon Light Mean?


When your service engine soon light comes on, it can be very worrisome and you may start to think that costly repairs are on heading your way.

The service engine soon light on your Kent vehicle can appear for a number of reasons. The service engine soon light could indicate:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Minor problems
  • Major mechanical faults
  • Emissions system issue

You can count on us to for service engine light diagnosis. With a service engine light diagnostic test, we help Kent vehicle owners identify a small problem before it turns into a bigger, costlier issue.

More importantly, a diagnostic test can prevent issues that would jeopardize your safety on the road or cause your vehicle to break down unexpectedly.

Engine Light On Diagnosis and Repairs for Kent Vehicles


Is your engine light is on? Are you wondering what it means for your vehicle?

It could mean any number of issues, big or small, so an engine light on diagnosis is the only way for you to know what you are dealing with and how to proceed.

Stop guessing and start diagnosing. Know what is going on with your Toyota, Honda Accord, Ford, or BMW with an engine light on diagnosis in Kent.

With our professional engine light on diagnosis and repair, we can put you back on the road with a confidence that your vehicle is safe and reliable.

You should choose us for engine light on diagnosis and repairs because we offer:

  • Quality service performed by a highly skilled technician
  • The use of the latest equipment to scan your vehicle's onboard computer
  • Honest recommendations on necessary service or repairs

Is your service engine light flashing? Bring your Kent vehicle to Evergreen Automotive for a diagnosis. For any questions, call 253-954-1809.