Check Engine Light Diagnostic Services for Des Moines Vehicles


At Evergreen Automotive, we offer professional, accurate check engine light diagnostic services to Des Moines, WA vehicle owners. By using the latest check engine light diagnostic technology, we thoroughly inspect your vehicle to determine the problem.

After we find out why you have your check engine light on, we will discuss your repair options. Rest assured that we will only proceed with any repair work once we have your approval.

Our goal is to keep our clients informed throughout the check engine light diagnostic process. Vehicle owners in Des Moines can feel confident knowing the work will be performed with excellent workmanship.

If you are wondering why your car has its check engine light on, bring your vehicle to our facility. Your check engine light may be on in your Toyota, Honda, Accord, Ford, BMW, or other model because your:

  • Oxygen (O2) sensor needs replacement
  • Catalytic converter needs replacement
  • Spark plugs or plug wires need replacement
  • Mass airflow sensor needs replacement
  • Gas cap is loose, damaged, or missing

What Does the Service Engine Soon Light Mean?


Do not ignore the service engine soon light, as there are many different reasons that can cause it to appear. The service engine soon light usually appears when there is a mechanical or computer-related problem with your vehicle.

Do not panic when your service engine soon light comes on. Just bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop. Whether you have a Toyota, Honda, Accord, Ford, BMW, or any other vehicle, we can help you determine exactly what made your service engine soon light appear. As soon as you notice the service engine soon light on in your Des Moines vehicle, bring it in for a thorough inspection.

We offer:

  • Trained technicians
  • Accurate, honest results
  • Fair, competitive pricing
  • Peace of mind

Engine Light On Diagnosis and Repairs for Des Moines Vehicles


Is your engine light on? Your vehicle is trying to warn you of a potential problem. It is always best to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop with equipment and expertise so you can find out exactly why you have an engine light on in your Des Moines vehicle.

You can count on us to answer the question, Why is your engine light on? in your Toyota, Honda Accord, Ford, BMW, or other model car. More reasons to choose us include our:

  • Respect for your vehicle
  • Excellent customer service
  • Extensive experience serving customers since 1976

If you are wondering, why is my engine light on? Bring your Des Moines vehicle to Evergreen Automotive. Call us at 253-954-1809.