Carburetor Rebuild Sumner


Confused about whom to call for a carburetor rebuild in the Sumner, WA area? Get in touch with Evergreen Automotive. In 1976, we stepped inside the market as an electrical repair shop and today we are the reliable automobile service provider in the area.

We keep our services and quality at the top of our priority list. Our professionals provide a carburetor rebuild with the finest durability and reliability. To get the best in carburetor rebuild service with perfection then knock on our door.

From carburetor repair to a new carburetor installation, contact us. If your vehicle is showing symptoms of poor acceleration, lack of power, or rough running then you need to think about a carburetor rebuild.

You would never hand over your vehicle to an unprofessional mechanic. Here are the benefits of our carburetor rebuild services:

  • Professionalism
  • Timely and quality work
  • Skilled workers

Carburetor Repair Sumner


Looking for the finest carburetor repair services in the Sumner area? You are at the right place. We also provide carburetor rebuild and cleaning services. We know a carburetor controls the air/fuel mixture in a vehicle so it’s compulsory to take care of it with timely maintenance.

When the carburetor is not able to make the engine run smoothly then it is time to have carburetor repair service done. Unprofessional repair of a carburetor can lead to dangerous situations. That is why we do not compromise with our quality and skilled work.

Carburetor repair is a complex task and it varies by vehicle. If you choose us as your carburetor repair service providers you will receive excellent workmanship and quality customer service.

These symptoms indicate you need carburetor repair service:

  • Engine runs rough
  • Problem in starting
  • Smell and leakage from engine

Sumner New Carburetor


When you need a new carburetor in Sumner, then contact us. We also provide free vehicle inspections. Our customers rely on our services and goods and a team of skilled auto repair service technicians who are professionals delivering quality work.

Whether we talk about carburetor repair or rebuild, we provide all types of automotive repairs with the help of the latest in technologies. A new carburetor holds jets that force the gas into the combustion chambers. A new carburetor is also easier to install than fuel injectors.

Advantages of a new carburetor:

  • Less expensive than fuel injectors
  • Get better air and fuel mixture
  • More power
  • Easy maintenance

Looking for a carburetor rebuild in the Sumner area? Call Evergreen Automotive 253-954-1809 today. We also have new carburetors and offer timely repair services.