Carburetor Rebuild SeaTac


Up until 1987, vehicles had a carburetor for supplying an air and fuel mixture to the engine for combustion. Automobiles manufactured after that switched to a fuel injection system. Still, there are a considerable number of vehicles on the road that uses a carburetor.

Evergreen Automotive offers carburetor rebuild service in the SeaTac, WA area for keeping such cars and trucks running smoothly. Carburetor rebuild involves dissembling the automotive component to check why it is not working correctly. We replace the parts of the defective carburetor and make sure the settings are right. After reassembling, the carburetor is installed back in place.

Come to us for carburetor rebuild in your SeaTac car or truck to have its power, efficiency, and drivability restored. Carburetor rebuild is a good option when internal parts of the existing carb deteriorate due to:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • A batch of a bad fuel
  • Ignored or improper maintenance
  • Old fuel left in while the vehicle stands unused for sometime

Carburetor Repair SeaTac


We also offer carburetor repair services. Not all carburetor problems call for rebuilding the piece or purchasing a new carburetor. Carburetor repair can be a viable solution if the malfunctioning is detected early.

Be an alert vehicle owner and watch out for tell-tale signs of trouble. Some commonly observed issues in vehicles that can be associated with bad carburetors include:

  • Hard starting
  • Backfiring and overheating
  • Reduced engine performance
  • Black smoke from the exhaust

Carburetor repair tends to be a complicated job and cannot be entrusted to just about any repair shop in the neighborhood. Let us carry out carburetor repair in your SeaTac area vehicle so that you can be sure of a quick, effective, and enduring solution to its engine problems. Our mechanics work diligently with the best in tools and materials, for an affordable carburetor repair cost.

SeaTac New Carburetor


Are you not interested in a carburetor rebuild and want a new carburetor fitted in your SeaTac vehicle? We have you covered.

Our mechanics are trained at carburetor replacement, and you can trust them to change the old, severely damaged carburetor of your car with a new one. We can also install new carburetor specifically to increase the power or fuel-efficiency of your vehicle.

We complete all-new carburetor installations:

  • At a fast pace
  • With high-quality carburetor brands
  • Without any oversight

Evergreen Automotive is the name to rely on for carburetor rebuild or carburetor repair in SeaTac area vehicles. We are also the #1 source for new carburetor installation services. Call (253) 954-1809 to schedule a visit.