Carburetor Rebuild Puyallup


Are you looking for a carburetor rebuild shop? Are you looking for a carburetor rebuild service provider in your region? Evergreen Automotive provides great carburetor rebuild services in the Puyallup, WA area.

We have been in the automotive business since 1990. With a skilled team of experts and professionals who help you when it comes to carburetor rebuild service or even carburetor repair, we have become the name to trust.

Many people believe that you do not need to be a professional to rebuild a carburetor, but we think the best carburetor rebuild service is one that is done by a professional. When does your carburetor need a carburetor rebuild service?


  • Your car is slow to start
  • Your car is stalling
  • The engine is flooding
  • Your car is using too much gas

Carburetor Repair Puyallup


Sometimes, you do not need a complete carburetor rebuild. Like any part of the vehicle, the carburetor will also have its share of wear and tear. But when do you need carburetor repair?

There are some common signs which usually mean there is a need for carburetor repair:

  • Reduced engine performance
  • Black smoke from the exhaust
  • Backfiring
  • Overheating

For a car that is showing any of these signs, it is time for a carburetor repair. In some cases, a carburetor repair will keep you from having to have a complete carburetor rebuild done.

Who should you call for carburetor repair in the Puyallup area? Give us a call for the best and most effective carburetor repair service in the region. Our professionals have years of experience when it comes to carburetor repair and even carburetor installation.

Puyallup New Carburetor


Despite carburetor repair and rebuilding, many times it is best to get a new carburetor. Like any other part of the automotive, an overused carburetor cannot withstand constant repairs and rebuilding.

That is why it is best to install a new carburetor in your car for good engine performance.Are you looking for a company which will install a good quality new carburetor in the Puyallup region?

Just give us a call and we will have our experts install a new carburetor. A quality check guideline for your new carburetor includes:

  • Check the warranty
  • Choose a new carburetor with a good throttle response
  • Make sure it is easy to tune

For carburetor repair or new carburetor installation in the Puyallup community, call Evergreen Automotive at (253) 954-1809.