Carburetor Rebuild Parkland


There are not many auto repair shops that are adept at being able to do carburetor rebuild or repair. Cars are now designed with an electronic fuel injection system and have been for years. Mechanics only get a chance to gain experience in carburetor repair and rebuild when they come across older vehicles having carburetor problems.

However, you need not worry when you need carburetor rebuild service in the Parkland, WA area. Just call up Evergreen Automotive, the area’s expert in carburetor rebuild.

Starting as an automotive electrical shop in 1976, we expanded into a full-service auto repair facility in 1990. We specialize in carburetor repair and carburetor rebuild. We can also install a new carburetor to replace an old one if necessary.

Come to us, and we will complete the carburetor rebuild:

  • With highly knowledgeable and skilled mechanics
  • Professionally
  • Using quality industry standard carburetor parts

Carburetor Repair Parkland


The carburetor is the part of an engine that controls the air/fuel mixture delivered to the engine. That is why an improperly operating carburetor in a vehicle results in engine problems. Immediate and correct carburetor repair is essential to restore the drivability as well as the efficiency of a vehicle.

Remember that you cannot let just any mechanic work on your carburetor. Head straight to us when it is time for carburetor repair in your Parkland vehicle and have the peace of mind that your investment is in safe hands.

Our carburetor repair experts can fix all types of big and small issues, including:

  • Bent choke and throttle plates
  • Dirty or worn-out float shaft
  • Defective control cable or linkage
  • Problem with inlet needle and seat or damaged mixture screw

Parkland area residents count on our expertise to have their vehicle back on the road quickly.

Parkland New Carburetor


We complete every job at our auto repair facility with precision. When you come to us for a carburetor rebuild, carburetor repair or new carburetor installation in your Parkland vehicle, you know that the work will be done correctly.

Our technicians know how to get the best performance out of old carburetors and are also trained to install a new carburetor properly so that it works efficiently. There is not any new carburetor installation job that is beyond their capabilities.

We install new carburetor in:

  • Cars and trucks
  • Every day and classic cars
  • Domestic and foreign vehicles

Visit Evergreen Automotive to receive a new carburetor in your Parkland area vehicle or for a carburetor rebuild or repair. Call (253) 954-1809.