Carburetor Rebuild Maple Valley


Are you looking for carburetor rebuild shop? Look no further. At Evergreen Automotive we can provide you with a carburetor rebuild service that is unmatched in the industry. We are one of the leading carburetor rebuild shops serving the Maple Valley, WA, area. Our clients can rest easy knowing that their carburetor rebuild service will bring their carburetor back to its original condition.

Below are the benefits of choosing our carburetor rebuild shop for your Maple Valley vehicle:

  • Close attention to detail
  • Free inspections and estimates
  • Serving customers since 1976

We get the carburetor rebuild job done on time and to the highest quality standards.

Carburetor Repair Maple Valley


A carburetor is a critical component of your vehicle. Various problems could cause your carburetor not to function correctly. Below are some of the common issues:

  • Difficult starting
  • Smoke from exhaust
  • Decreased engine performance
  • Overheating and backfiring

Make sure you let only a professional repair your vehicle in the event of a problem. Our trained and skilled technicians perform a wide variety of carburetor repair services on Maple Valley area vehicles of all makes and models. Our carburetor repair techs can fix your carburetor problems promptly and efficiently, and at a reasonable rate too.

We thoroughly diagnose the problem and develop the most appropriate carburetor repair solutions. Rest assured we will provide you with the total carburetor repair cost estimate before starting any work on your vehicle. Whether it is a minor leak or a significant carburetor rebuild, we can do it all.

Maple Valley New Carburetor


Fuel injection systems have taken the place of carburetors in modern cars, but if you own an older vehicle, you have a carburetor. Install a new carburetor if there is significant corrosion or damage that repairing or rebuilding will not solve. Sometimes, spending a few more dollars on a new carburetor can save you:

  • Frequent repairs
  • Sudden breakdown
  • Damage to other components

With a new carburetor, vehicle owners around Maple Valley can also enjoy an invaluable peace of mind that their vehicle is safe and reliable. We can install a new carburetor on a vast range of models, including cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Whether you need a new carburetor for your Chevy, Dodge or Honda, we can get the job done right, the first time.

Call Evergreen Automotive and schedule a carburetor repair appointment for your vehicle in the Maple Valley area. You can conveniently reach us at (253) 954-1809.