Carburetor Rebuild Kent


A bad carburetor in your vehicle affects the operation of your engine and your gas mileage. To correct this problem, you will need to find a mechanic to handle a carburetor rebuild. Before you rush to an automotive repair facility, keep in mind that a carburetor rebuild and repair are highly specialized jobs.

Not every mechanic has the knowledge, skills, and experience to do the work accurately. Evergreen Automotive is the go-to expert for carburetor rebuild service in the Kent, WA area.

Our auto repair shop employs technicians who are skilled at carrying out carburetor rebuild for:

  • Cars and trucks
  • Vehicles of all makes
  • Older models as well as new vehicles

Do not waste time searching for automotive facilities that can handle the particular carburetor rebuild on your Kent vehicle. Just come to us and look forward to a quick, correct, and a cost-effective solution to your carburetor issues.

Carburetor Repair Kent


Sometimes the carburetor issues with your carburetor can be corrected with just a carburetor repair. Instead of getting a new carburetor or spending a lot on a complete carburetor rebuild, you can choose a more cost-effective solution and let our carburetor repair experts perform a carburetor repair and have your vehicle on the road again quickly.

It is best to catch carburetor problems early on. Come to us for carburetor repair before further damage leaves you with no option but to get your carburetor rebuilt or purchase a new carburetor.

Here are some signs to alert you that it is time for carburetor repair in your Kent vehicle:

  • Starting trouble
  • Car stumbling while accelerating
  • Reduced gas mileage
  • Engine backfiring, running rough, or stalling

Come to us when you notice any of these symptoms. Our mechanics scrutinize your vehicle and give you an honest, correct recommendation for carburetor repair or rebuild.

Kent New Carburetor


You can count on us real and efficient services when you come in because you need a new carburetor for your Kent vehicle. We offer new carburetor installation to satisfy diverse needs of vehicle owners and do it when:

  • Repair or adjustment of the old carburetor is not possible
  • Carburetor rebuild is not feasible
  • Desiring a performance carburetor for increasing power
  • Wanting a new fuel-efficient carburetor

Our technicians install the new carburetor carefully and correctly. They perform all necessary tests to make sure the new carburetor is operating exactly as it should before you leave.

Want to know more about carburetor repair costs for your Kent vehicle? Call Evergreen Automotive at (253) 954-1809.