Carburetor Rebuild Edgewood


If you are searching for an auto repair shop that specializes in carburetor rebuild, look no further. Founded in 1976 as an automotive electrical shop, Evergreen Automotive expanded into a full-service repair facility by 1990. We have since been the trusted one-stop shop for carburetor repair, carburetor rebuild, and new carburetor installation services in the Edgewood, WA area.

Aging, bad fuel, and deferred maintenance are the common reasons for a carburetor to go wrong. When repairs do not seem likely to be effective, you must decide between buying a new carburetor and old carburetor rebuild.

Come to us for the most professional and reliable carburetor rebuild service in the Edgewood area. Having a carburetor rebuild will be a good idea if you are interested in:

  • The most cost-efficient solution to the issue
  • Retaining maximum original parts of your vehicle
  • Having minimal vehicle downtime
  • Getting a carburetor that best complements your ride

Carburetor Repair Edgewood


The mechanics at our facility are highly skilled and experienced. They know carburetors of various automobile makes and models inside-out. When you come to us with carburetor problems, our technicians scrutinize the automotive component and give you an honest analysis of its condition.

We recommend appropriate carburetor repair if the underlying issue can be fixed. We take pride in our capabilities and deliver carburetor repair solutions that stand the test of time. Our mechanics ensure careful attention to detail while performing carburetor repair, using top-of-the-line tools and parts to do the job.

We assure you of a reasonable and affordable carburetor repair cost. After we are done with carburetor repair on your Edgewood vehicle, you are sure to experience the following differences in your car:

  • Smooth, reliable starting
  • Excellent acceleration
  • Improved fuel economy

Edgewood New Carburetor


We also do new carburetor installations in Edgewood area vehicles whether you drive a car or truck, domestic or imported vehicle, a classic or everyday car, head straight to us when it is time to replace its carburetor.

Our repair shop caters to all kinds of demands for a new carburetor. You can bring in your vehicle for installation of a:

  • Performance carburetor to increase power
  • Fuel-efficient carburetor to reduce running costs
  • Replacement carburetor to get rid of old, failed one

We do the job using high-performing products from one of the leading carburetor brands.

Need expert services for carburetor rebuild or repair near Edgewood? Want a new carburetor fitted in your vehicle? Visit Evergreen Automotive. Call (253) 954-1809 for more information.