Brakes Are Our Specialty in the Greater Tacoma & Milton, WA Area


Brakes are among the most important components in a car.

Not only will a weak set of brakes make your vehicle more prone to accidents, but they will also make it difficult to maneuver your vehicle at times when perfect handling is required.

However, just like other components of a car, brake pads tend to get worn out over time and need to be replaced.

As a general rule of thumb, getting these parts checked should be a part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance.

Evergreen Automotive is one of the most popular names among people in Tacoma and Milton, WA looking to get their car serviced by experienced professionals without breaking the bank.

We have a team of professionals who specialize in every type of brake repair (including brake pads and general brakes servicing).

Whether you need to send your car in for routine service or you are turning skeptic about your vehicle’s brake power, we are always there to help you out.

Superior Brake Repair for Tacoma & Milton Area Residents Brake Pads


Evergreen Automotive offers all kinds of automobile services in Tacoma & Milton at affordable prices, but specializes in brake repair (including brake pads and general brakes servicing).

Irrespective of which make and model of vehicle you drive, brake repair (including brake pads and general brakes servicing) can be expensive to replace.

Therefore before taking decision as to whether you should go for replacement or repair, it is recommended to contact the Tacoma and Milton professionals.

Here are some of the key advantages of getting your brakes fixed from our service center:

  • Professionals having skills and expertise
  • Brake repair and replacement services offered after complete diagnosis
  • An extensive stock of replacements parts available for all sorts of vehicles
  • All parts come with standard warranty and after sales service.

Tacoma & Milton Residents Rely On Evergreen Automotive For Brakes


Surveys have shown that people have found it extremely difficult to find a brake repair (including brake pads and general brakes servicing) repair shop that not only stays true to its word, but also charges fair price from the customers.

We aim to tackle both these problems in one go.

We utilize our years of experience and skills to offer the most reliable brake repair (including brake pads and general brakes servicing) to our clients in Tacoma & Milton, according to their needs and budget.

Not only are the customers guaranteed to like the service, but also the complementary after sales service is nothing short of a generous add-on.

Feel free to visit our service center for more details. Also, you can give us a call anywhere in the Tacoma or Milton area at 253-954-1809 for any queries you have.