Brake Repair for Lakewood Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda


The worst thing about Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc. brake service and brake repair problems is that these tend to arise at untimely hours mostly when you are in a hurry to reach the destination. However, your vehicle does give some indications beforehand which can be diagnosed easily. If in doubt, then it is always advisable to get in touch with an expert car mechanic for a brake check rather than waiting for a serious failure of the brake or other parts.

At Evergreen Automotive, we offer comprehensive auto repair and brake services which often come in the form of customized packages matching the client’s budget and time frame. Our ultimate aim is to address your concerns as promptly as possible and return you the vehicle in absolutely flawless form.

We have developed a solid client network which trusts us with brake service for Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc. This is because we never even think of compromising on quality brake checks and services!

Brake Check and Brake Part Inspection for Lakewood Vehicles


If you are facing problem with your Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc. brake pad, timing chain or any other component, then Evergreen Automotive can surely help you out. For over 15 years, our professional technicians are catering to auto repair needs in Greater Tacoma, Milton and surrounding areas. When it comes to brake repair in Lakewood, WA, Evergreen has emerged the undisputed choice. We truly value your safety and make sure that your time and money is saved with our prompt assistance.

When you contact us for brake checks, we guarantee the following:

  • Complete diagnosis of Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc. brake systems
  • Brake repair/ replacement based on the diagnosis
  • Replacement is done with quality products only that come with standard warranty
  • Reasonable charge for the entire work
  • Complimentary after-sales service

We implement latest technologies in each of our services so as to make it even more flawless and effective.

Why Choose Us for Your Brake Service and Repairs in Lakewood


Technological revolution have immensely affected every industry, automobile being one of them. Our technicians at Evergreen Automotive have embraced cutting edge technology real fast thus taking their Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, service standard to an unprecedented level. By upgrading skills and knowledge on a continuous basis, they have exhibited greater finesse in their services. This has helped Evergreen to become the obvious choice near Lakewood for brake checks, brake repairs and other brake services.

Our customer service executives are highly proficient and always willing to help you out with necessary information. For in-depth info on brake repair, brake checks and other brake services in the Lakewood area, feel free to get in touch over phone 253-954-1809 or leave an online message. A prompt response is guaranteed!