Brake Repair for Fircrest Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda


Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc. brake problems in the middle of the road can be irksome as well as intimidating. Temporary brake service might provide relief for the time being but the problem turns even more severe in long run. By compromising with car brake repair, you are actually jeopardizing your own and loved ones’ safety.

At Evergreen Automotive, our proficient Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc. mechanics have the right expertise to sense exact problem with the car brake and other parts. It is our 15 years experience which has made us confident to handle any modern or back-dated car model. This is why scores of Fircrest, WA customers trust us with brake checks. Apart from brake repair, the company offers extensive repair and maintenance services few of which are:

  • Electrical diagnosis and brake repair of general and recreational vehicles
  • Thorough adjustment of the timing belt and chain
  • Customized AC installation
  • Maintenance of the fuel injection system
  • Scheduled brake checks, brake service and oil changes
  • Emergency vehicle towing

We aim at offering customized packages matching the client’s car repair needs, time frame and budget.

Brake Check and Brake Part Inspection for Fircrest Vehicles


If you want to avoid costly brake repairs and critical brake service failures, then we at Evergreen Automotive can surely help you out. Armed with advanced brake check technologies and upgraded knowledge, our mechanics are quite confident about handling any sort of major automobile crisis.

Often there are telltale signs which indicate that all is not well with your Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc. brake like squealing/ grinding noise or the car pulling to one side while stopping. Our brake repair services in and near Fircrest include a detailed assessment of the brake and other parts to find out severity of the condition. Accordingly a plan of action is charted out. Understanding the fact that brake parts can be expensive indeed, we don’t suggest replacements until it is urgently needed. It is our personal touch, combined with unparalleled technical knowledge which has made us an obvious choice for brake checks in Fircrest.

Why Choose Us for Your Brake Service and Repairs in Fircrest


When it comes to brake service for Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc., Evergreen Automotive has emerged the unmatched winner! With an extensive network spread across, Greater Tacoma, Milton and Fife, we surely know what keeps your car brake fit and fine. All credit goes to our highly talented workforce, which is always willing to go that extra mile to address critical automobile problems and make customers happy.

For any inquiry about Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc. brake checks, brake repair and brake services, get in touch with our experts at 253-954-1809.