Auto Electric Repair for Sumner * Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota


If you are looking for the top Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, etc. repair shop for auto electric repair or auto electrical wiring near Sumner, Evergreen Automotive is the one for you! We specialize in a wide array of auto electrical wiring and auto electrical repair services at the most competitive rates in the state.

The shop started in 1976 as a simple auto electrical repair shop. Today, we are the best one-stop auto electric repair shop for all repair and maintenance jobs. Our loyal customers trust us for the most complicated car problems as well as for general maintenance services. We also take on repair and other jobs for RVs.

When you choose us for your auto requirements, you can expect:

  • Friendly service at all times
  • Efficient and reliable auto electrical repair technicians who are trained and experienced
  • Genuine auto parts for all makes and models including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, etc.
  • Excellent services for all types of auto electrical repair and general maintenance services
  • Free inspection of all automobiles

We are located at 8411 Pacific Hwy E in Tacoma, WA 98422 and you can drive in for an auto electrical wiring inspection of your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, etc. anytime!

Auto Electrical Repair Services for Sumner Vehicles * Honda, Acura


Cars today commonly use electrical systems to power them. To make sure that you get the best auto electrical repair in Sumner, you should always opt for the most reputed name in the auto electric repair business. This way you make sure that your auto investment is protected and gives you many years of reliable service. You also get trained technicians to handle every job for you, ensuring the proper handling of your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, etc. at all times.

When it comes to auto electrical wiring problems and other car issues, an auto shop needs to use the most advanced technology to diagnose and analyze the problem and also utilize the latest techniques to fix the problem effectively. Every industry is developing rapidly and new tools and methods for repair and maintenance are always being created to make jobs easier and better-performed. Take advantage of this by choosing the top auto repair shop in your city.

Why Choose Us for Auto Electrical Wiring Problems in Sumner


Evergreen Automotive can take care of all your car problems and provide you with excellent maintenance services at all times. Our team of specialized technicians works efficiently and quickly to solve your problems whether it is with auto electric repair or any other service. You can always depend on us for top-notch work in and near Sumner!

Call 253-954-1809 today for more information about Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, etc. auto electrical wiring or auto electric repair, or to schedule an appointment.