Auto Electric Repair for JBLM * Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota


If you own a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota or any other car, it means that the vehicle can easily develop a problem with its auto electrical wiring. If this problem occurs, you definitely will be on a lookout for a reliable and trustworthy auto electric repair center near JBLM, WA. This is the reason you should drive your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota or Honda to Evergreen Automotive. We are a unique automotive center that excels in undertaking affordable and high quality auto electrical repair.

We have been serving JBLM and the surrounding areas for 37 years and during this period we have earned accolades from our customers for our outstanding service. Some of the issues that our center handles routinely include:

  • Auto electrical wiring repairs
  • Auto computer electrical systems
  • Wiring harness replacement and repair
  • Starters
  • Battery replacement
  • Alternators

With it comes to auto electric repair, not only is our service center the preferred choice, you will simply adore our professional, courteous and friendly customer service. .

Auto Electrical Repair Services for JBLM Vehicles * Honda, Acura


We have the capability of handling big and small auto electrical repair in and near JBLM. This ensures that our customers are treated well the moment they walk into our service center. We are not looking to make money, but are looking to provide top notch service.

We are proficient in repairing all vehicles, in particular Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Honda and Acura. If you have an auto electrical wiring problem, do not think twice about visiting our service center. Our highly skilled and qualified mechanics would be more than willing to assist you and fix the problem related to your vehicle’s auto electrical wiring. You can rest assured that the diagnosis will be done accurately and remedial measures will be of high quality. Once have had auto electric repair at our service center, you will realize that we are the one-stop center for all your automotive repair needs.

Why Choose Us for Auto Electrical Wiring Problems in JBLM


We can give you several reasons why our service center is the preferred one for auto electrical repair. However, we will stick to just a few.

Our mechanics are highly trained and come with several years of experience. They have the skill to use the latest diagnostic tools and find whatever is causing a problem with your auto electrical wiring.

We have the best diagnostic tools in the area that allows us to accurately diagnose the problem and perform auto electrical repair. Finally, we offer auto electric repair at extremely competitive pricing that you will please you immensely considering the high quality service we offer. When you bring your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota or Acura to our service center, you will have peace of mind.

Visit our service center for high quality auto electric repair. Your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota or Acura will be treated the way it should be – without professional and a little bit of TLC! When you can avail the services of highly skilled mechanics from Evergreen Automotive, why go anywhere else? Call us on 253-954-1809 and speak to our friendly and professional staff about your auto electrical repair.