Auto Air Conditioning Repair Shop Serving the Steilacoom Community 


The car air conditioning system is a part of the HVAC system that includes heating and ventilation in a vehicle. A properly maintained HVAC system ensures that you will not need vehicle AC repair any time soon.

Evergreen Automotive offers high quality auto air conditioning repair services in Steilacoom, WA. As a reliable and established company providing auto air conditioning repair services in Steilacoom, we ensure that the AC service we provide is:

  • Necessary and fitted to your vehicle’s specific problem
  • Done at an affordable cost
  • Going to keep the AC working for a long time

You need not worry about our auto air conditioning repair cost, as we charge reasonably. We use the best quality spares and materials and provide affordable services.

With us as your chosen company for auto air conditioning troubleshooting, you can rest assured that we will provide viable solutions so that your car air conditioning remains trouble-free for a long time.

Vehicle AC Repair & Maintenance for Steilacoom Cars & Trucks


Often, car owners ignore small signs of trouble in their car’s AC, which leads to a major problem requiring full scale vehicle AC repair. If these small signs are given attention at the right time, they can save you from a lot of troubles and can save you money.

You might need vehicle AC repair in Steilacoom if you notice signs of a malfunctioning HVAC system, like:

  • Inconsistent vent air temperature
  • Overheating
  • Smell or fogging of windshield
  • Squealing noise during AC operation

You must get your vehicle in for a thorough checkup and complete vehicle AC repair in Steilacoom if you notice any of these signs. These could be symptoms of major trouble or just an indication that something is going wrong with the car air conditioning and it needs vehicle AC repair.

Stay Cool! Keep Your Car Air Conditioning in Good Working Order 


When it is about the safety and security of your car’s occupants and the proper maintenance of your car, you should not compromise. You will need the best car air conditioning company in the area to check and provide repairs to your AC.

With the plethora of companies offering car air conditioning in Steilacoom, choosing the best one is somewhat confusing. Despite the competition, you can easily choose us for auto air conditioning repair, as we are:

  • Reputed
  • Recommended
  • Reliable
  • Reasonably priced

If you require any type auto air conditioning repair services in Steilacoom and you are looking for a reputed company, call Evergreen Automotive at 253-954-1809.