Auto Air Conditioning Repair Shop Serving the Kent Community


Driving around without car air conditioning can be quite tough. Visit Evergreen Automotive if you are looking for an auto air conditioning repair shop in the Kent, WA area to get the broken car AC system back up and running.

Our facility has the mechanics and tools to successfully handle any big or small vehicle AC repair job. Some of the tasks commonly performed by our auto air conditioning repair experts on Kent vehicles include:

  • Repairing/replacing auto air conditioner compressors
  • Fixing low refrigerant levels with auto air conditioning recharge
  • Vehicle AC troubleshooting for strange noises
  • Cleaning clogged AC condensers

You can be sure that you'll receive honest and seamless vehicle AC repair services when you bring your car air conditioning problems to us. Our auto air conditioning repair shop will never sell you a service that is not required and we always strive to find the most cost-effective solution to the issue. We also never up-sell our services to try to have you repair something that doesnÕt need fixed.

Vehicle AC Repair & Maintenance for Kent Cars & Trucks


Regular maintenance and timely, accurate repairs are both essential to extract optimal performance from a truck or car air conditioning system.

Routine checkup or inspection not only help confirm that the equipment is working, but also help identify budding problems that could develop if left unattended for long. These problems often turn into major vehicle AC repair jobs for the Kent vehicle owner.

Let us take care of your auto air conditioning repair and maintenance needs. We serve you with technicians who:

  • Know the AC systems of most vehicle makes inside and out
  • Take pride in doing a thorough job
  • Work on your car or truck as carefully as if it were their own

With us, you have some of the most reliable vehicle AC repair specialists in the Kent area working on your cherished ride.

Stay Cool! Keep Your Car Air Conditioning in Good Working Order


Having ineffective car air conditioning in your Kent vehicle may not be as inconvenient as a mechanical failure that brings your ride to a halt, but it is a major hassle nonetheless! Come to us for auto air conditioning repair and maintenance to avoid an uncomfortable driving experience because of poor AC performance.

Moreover, we also keep you cool by supplementing top-notch vehicle AC repair with:

  • Competitive pricing for all our services
  • A 1-year warranty on both parts and labor
  • Personalized, friendly attention throughout the job

Visit Evergreen Automotive for repair or maintenance of your car air conditioning system. Kent residents can call 253-954-1809 to learn more.