Alternator Repair Federal Way


Every automobile has an electrical system that supplies electric power to the vehicle. The battery begins the process by providing the electricity needed by the starter to start the engine.

When the engine is running the alternator generates the electric energy for your vehicle. Over a period of time, alternators develop problems and will not work correctly and the battery will lose all its charge.

You will need to repair or replace your alternator.  The early warning signs indicating a need for alternator repair are:

  • Dimming of headlights
  • Warning lights on the dashboard
  • Grinding or whining noise
  • Trouble starting your vehicle

Evergreen Automotive offers quality alternator repair in Federal Way, WA. We are proud of our reputation for impeccable customer service and the ability to perform even the most complex electrical repairs. Come to us for your alternator repair services in Federal Way.

Alternator Replacement Federal Way


An alternator is the generator of electric power for your car and is a major component of your vehicle's charging system. Whenever your engine is running, the alternator charges your battery and supplies additional electric power to the vehicle's electrical systems.

Though alternators last a long time, they do eventually need to be replaced.  When you need an alternator replacement we will give you a written estimate of the costs involved in replacing the alternator. 

Our technicians are the best in the industry and will handle your alternator replacement professionally because they are:

  • BBC accredited
  • ASE certified
  • Experienced professionals

Because of our excellent staff of technicians, we are rated as the best place for alternator replacement in Federal Way.

Federal Way New Alternator


Alternators have a longer lifespan nowadays if they experience no damage. Alternators can fail prematurely if they are exposed to sand and water from the road because the under shield of your engine has been damaged.

If you have had a coolant or oil leak that can also damage your alternator. When you need a new alternator, you want to work with a company that is known for its team of fully trained auto repair experts.

You also want a company that is known for its honesty. We are that company. When you have your new alternator installed in our Federal Way facility you have factory trained technicians who:

  • Never compromise on quality
  • Accomplish assignments on time
  • Charge reasonably

If you need an alternator replaced or repaired in Federal Way contact Evergreen Automotive at (253) 954-1809.