Alternator Repair Parkland


Do you think your vehicle is having issues with its alternator and it needs to be repaired? Or maybe you need a new alternator? Come into Evergreen Automotive today.

Our full-service automotive facility is one of the most trusted places for having alternator repair or alternator replacement services done on vehicles in the Parkland, WA area.

Visit us for a free vehicle inspection during which our mechanics evaluate the condition of your alternator and determine its exact repair needs. There are warning signs that vehicle has an alternator that is need of repair. Some signs pointing towards the need for repair are:

  • Trouble starting or dim headlights
  • Dead battery
  • Smell of burning wires or rubber
  • Whining noise from engine

You can count on our technicians to accurately diagnose the problem with your car’s alternator. Our experienced staff can also be trusted to provide effective and lasting alternator repair solutions for your Parkland vehicle.

You can be assured of the costs involved because we will provide you a written estimate of the charges for your alternator repair work prior to any work being done.

Alternator Replacement Parkland


Alternator replacement is inevitable. It is one of the car’s components that is used extensively on a daily basis. Usually alternator replacement in Parkland vehicles is necessary due to aging and normal wear and tear.

No matter why your vehicle needs alternator replacement, come only to us for the job. We put highly skilled and experienced mechanics to work on your vehicle. They ensure that the car alternator replacement is carried out:

  • Quickly
  • Carefully
  • Professionally
  • With a quality alternator

Parkland New Alternator


We take pride in our exceptional workmanship and customer service. Our service-oriented, customer-friendly approach is what makes us different and special. When you come to us to have a new alternator fitted in your Parkland vehicle, breathe easy that you and your car are in good hands.

Our technicians are well trained and take pride in their work. Wondering how long it take to replace an alternator? Relax! We give top priority to your convenience as we go about installing the new alternator in your vehicle and:

  • Do not keep you waiting long
  • Work as quickly as possible
  • Get the replacement done right, the first time

Visit Evergreen Automotive for alternator repair or replacement in your Parkland vehicle. Call (253) 954-1809 to schedule an appointment. We are here to help.