Alternator Repair Joint Base Lewis McChord


The alternator in a vehicle is one of the principal components of the electrical system as it keeps the battery charged and provides electricity to the other electrical automotive components.

If the electrical components of your vehicle do not receive electricity they will not work. Those include:

  • Lights inside and out
  • Wipers
  • Climate control system
  • Radio and GPS system

When problems develop in an alternator, indications such as dimming of lights, the smell of rubber burning, whining or grinding sounds, and dashboard light indicating the battery needs a charge point to the need for alternator repair. It is, therefore, necessary to find an efficient and knowledgeable technician for alternator repairs and alternate replacement.

Evergreen Automotive specializes in alternator repair services for Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA residents.  Owing to our efficient customer services, we are among the best companies dealing in alternator replacement and alternator repair in Joint Base Lewis McChord.

Alternator Replacement Joint Base Lewis McChord


The major components of an alternator include diode, brushes, rotor, stator, slip rings and voltage regulator. If they are not functioning correctly they can affect the charging of the battery and other electrical components.

Where the problems are minor, repairs can be made but if major components of an alternator are damaged beyond repair then alternator replacement is the only solution. 

For alternator replacement, we have a team of technicians that are:

  • Factory trained
  • Experienced
  • Work quickly
  • Professional

We emphasize using the latest technology, best quality materials, and excellent customer service every time we handle an alternator replacement for Joint Base Lewis McChord residents.

Joint Base Lewis McChord New Alternator


The alternators installed in vehicles usually last a long time without causing trouble.  But if an alternator becomes damaged by water, oil or sand it will need to be replaced with a new alternator.

The cost of a new alternator depends upon make and model of the vehicle. We always provide you with a written estimate of all the charges involved in installing your new alternator at our Joint Base Lewis McChord facility.

We have a team of expert technicians who take extreme pride in the work they do. They are also:

  • BBC accredited
  • ASE certified
  • Experienced professionals

Our long-standing in the community offering electric diagnosis and repair of alternators is a testimony of our reliability and impeccable customer service we always provide our clients. 

If you need a new alternator, alternator replacement or alternator repair in Joint Base Lewis McChord contact Evergreen Automotive at (253) 954-1809.