Alternator Repair Gig Harbor


It can be frustrating if your car or other vehicles do not start when you need them to. The reason could be a faulty alternator. An alternator is a vital part of the charging system of your vehicle and it is very important to keep it functional at all times. 

Evergreen Automotive provides new alternator and alternator repair services for Gig Harbor area, WA residents. If the headlights are flickering or are dim, there are strange noises or the vehicle's amp gauge is lower than usual, it may be time for an alternator repair or a new alternator.

In such cases, it is advisable to get the charging system of the vehicle checked immediately. Some common checks include:

  • Fluid leaks in the alternator
  • Over tightened drive belt
  • Vents for obstructions
  • Alternator's mounting bushings

Alternator Replacement Gig Harbor


We provide alternator replacement services in the Gig Harbor area. Preventive maintenance can save you from a premature alternator replacement and keep the current alternator in good health.

The alternator generates electrical energy which keeps car components like the windshield wipers, AC system, and other components working. In case of an alternator failure, every electrical part inside the vehicle will stop functioning.

Call us for prompt alternator repair or alternator replacement assistance. Our experts will quickly inspect the machinery and tell you if a new alternator is required or a simple repair will fix the problem.

How do our qualified technicians help? They will:

  • Diagnose problem areas
  • Work swiftly
  • Use the latest technology and repair methods
  • Ensure a quick repair

Gig Harbor New Alternator


In case the alternator in your Ford, Honda, Dodge, Chevrolet, Toyota or any other vehicle is causing trouble because it is old and worn out, an alternator repair may not be the wisest decision to make.

Instead, spending money on a new alternator in your Gig Harbor area vehicle can be more practical. Before an alternator replacement, let us take a close look and tell you the best possible solution.

If you are thinking why to choose us for your new alternator installation in the Gig Harbor area, here are some reasons.

  • Trained and experienced technicians
  • Professional analysis, repair, and replacement
  • Genuine auto replacement parts

For vehicle alternator repair services in the Gig Harbor area, call Evergreen Automotive at (253) 954-1809. We provide new alternator replacement or a part repair service to get you back on the road!