Alternator Repair Shop for Federal Way * Chevy, Dodge, Honda, Ford


Does your Federal Way vehicle (Chevy, Dodge, Honda, Ford, etc.) need a new alternator or an alternator repair? Let us help you here at Evergreen Automotive. We are the best auto and alternator repair shop in the state. We have earned our reputation for excellence through hard work and dedication to providing top-notch services for all our customers. In 1976, the business was started as an electrical repair shop, and we have expanded over the years to become a full-fledged top auto and alternator repair shop that also deals in new alternators.

We specialize in many services including:

  • Regular repairs and maintenance services for automobiles such as Chevy, Dodge, Honda, Ford, etc. and RVs
  • Installation and repair of electrical systems
  • Installation and repair of air-conditioning systems
  • Maintenance of braking systems
  • Servicing transmission systems
  • Maintenance of fuel injection systems
  • New alternators
  • Alternator replacement

These are just a handful of the services that we provide here at our shop. Our team of highly-trained specialists will take care of every problem you have with your Chevy, Dodge, Honda, Ford, etc., no matter how big or small.

Alternator Replacement for Federal Way Vehicles


The alternator is the part of your automobile that keeps the battery charged so that all electrical features available in the car do not fail. If your battery loses its charge, every electrical part will die with it. When the alternator dies, you will have problems starting your engine and electronic accessories such as your GPS navigation system, radio, etc. If you find that your alternator is failing, it is probably time to get an alternator replacement. You can find this service in Federal Way.

If the alternator in your Federal Way Chevy, Dodge, Honda, Ford, etc. is not too old, you can opt for an alternator repair instead of an alternator replacement. This can be done by replacing only the damaged components of the alternator instead of installing a brand new one. This will cost you less money and you save this important part of your vehicle.

Our specialists can help you diagnose the problem and take proper measures to fix it, whether you need one part or a whole alternator replacement. We use the latest technology and methods to solve the problem and ensure that your vehicle performs as smoothly as before once again.

Why Choose Us if You Need a New Alternator for Your Federal Way Car?


For a new alternator or alternator repair, you should definitely choose us as the auto shop to replace or repair it for you. At Evergreen Automotive, we have the best team of technicians that take on even the toughest auto problems and fix them in a jiffy!

We are located at 8411 Pacific Hwy E in Tacoma, WA 98422. Step in for a free inspection any time or give us a call at 253-954-1809 to learn more or schedule an appointment for a new alternator or alternator replacement for your Chevy, Dodge, Honda, Ford, etc. today!